New Jersey Testimonials

Hillary - Westfield, NJ

"zhanna is kind, knowledgable, and passionate about organizing."

Zhanna's skills as a professional organizer are AMAZING. She helped me organize our playroom, our kitchen, and my closet. It has been life changing! She helped me finally get rid of useless things that my husband and I had been storing for ages. Now our home is truly organized and everything has a purpose and a place. Zhanna really takes time to understand her client's needs and is kind, knowledgable, and passionate about organizing. She helped me set up functional organizational systems throughout my home that decrease clutter and are easy to maintain. You will be amazed at the results!


Holly - Summit, NJ

"Getting settled went so quickly and painlessly"

My husband and I were overwhelmed with the idea of packing up our home for a long distance move. Zhanna really helped me scale down what deserved to come on our journey. She made helpful suggestions of what to do with what we didn't need or use anymore. Then we worked together to pack up different rooms.

Even though she couldn't travel with me to Atlanta to set up my new home, I had packed my boxes in such meaningful and practical ways, that getting settled went so quickly and painlessly. I also felt like I learned a lot as we packed and talked about how to organize the different rooms of my house.

I admit, I sometimes still hear her voice in my head when I consider buying yet another pair of jeans that I don't need or a kitchen gadget I won't use.


Stacey - Westfield, NJ

"It is a very cathartic project and zhanna made it enjoyable."

Zhanna is amazing! She helped me set up my new home the right way so that my family can have an organized lifestyle. We focused initially on filing papers, the children's milestones, and other important documents. We then moved into the children's play areas.

Zhanna has great vision and she is methodical in her approach. She also personalized the organization to fit with how we live so we can maintain the organization. In fact, it has become addictive - not daunting - to organize! It is a very cathartic project and Zhanna made it enjoyable. Zhanna has remained a voice in my head making sure my home doesn't get too cluttered.

Thank you, Zhanna!


Amanda - Manalapan, NJ

"I use her tips and tricks on a daily basis."

The thought of moving into a new home was exciting yet incredibly overwhelming. Having a larger space translated into more clutter and disorganization. That is, until Zhanna and her brilliant organizational skills came into my life! Zhanna is honest and approachable. She took the time to ask meaningful questions about how my family envisioned using the space and made realistic changes that not only decluttered the kids' playroom and kitchen pantry but allowed room for the items that really matter. As you work together, she talks you through her process and educates you how to keep organized long after she is gone. I use her tips and tricks on a daily basis and when I am not sure where to place something or if I should purchase that extra knick knack, I often refer back to my mantra of "What would Zhanna do?" 


Soraya - Westfield, NJ

"She helped me see the need for everything to have its place."

When I first met with Zhanna, we initially only discussed organizing my chaotic pantry closet. After seeing my kitchen, including the items in my closet, Zhanna recommended that I also needed to reorganize the entire kitchen or we wouldn't be utilizing the space in the most optimum manner. She couldn't have been more right!

We spent one session going through everything I had in the kitchen and making decisions together as to where the items should go (and what should be donated and tossed) in order to make my kitchen as efficient, organized, and user friendly as possible. Based on our first session, Zhanna compiled a detailed list of storage bins and containers that I would purchase before our next session. 

During our second session, we utilized the containers and bins to organize everything. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my kitchen. I can easily see what I have and what I need to purchase at the market. Previously, I was constantly purchasing items twice because I didn't have a designated overflow area - a new concept I learned thanks to Zhanna.

Zhanna not only helped organize my kitchen to make it more efficient, she helped me see the need for everything to have its place and when it's officially time to let go of certain items. I learned (and laughed) so  much from our sessions. Thank you, Zhanna!!


Alyse - Springfield, NJ 

"What a difference being organized makes!"

After 2 moves and 2 babies, I was in dire need of organization in my home. I always thought of myself as an organized person but lacking the time & energy, I was just never able to tackle this project. A friend mentioned Zhanna to me and I decided to make getting organized a priority!  

What a talent Zhanna has and what a difference it made in my life! For starters she is non-judgmental, listens, and is patient and trustworthy! After listening to my needs and goals, she helped organize all the rooms in my home starting with my closet!  

Truth be told my house looks amazing. There are homes for everything. But my closet was the first and most exciting part because what we got rid of, she coached me to sell! So, not only did I become more organized but I profited on this whole experience! To this day my home just feels better and life feels easy! What a difference being organized makes!  

Thank you, Zhanna for truly simplifying my life.


Arielle - Cherry Hill, NJ

"stephanie gave me great tips"

I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie in helping me organize parts of my house. I am a working mom and no matter how hard I try, I could not seem to keep my house in order. Stephanie gave me great tips in providing storage in the entrance hallway, office space, and closets. She also helped me organize all the papers associated with my kids! I have continued to use her ideas and tips in organizing different parts of my house. I highly recommend her!


Pennsylvania Testimonials

Jaclyn - Philadelphia, PA

"She changes the way you live and think about your home..."

Zhanna's skills as a professional organizer are amazing. She helped me with my daughter's playroom, my kitchen, and my closet; and I can easily say that since she worked in my home, my life is a thousand times easier. 

My daughter plays independently and the morning dash out of the door is so much faster and streamlined, now that I'm not scrambling to find my clothes! Zhanna's true talent lies in her ability to create systems that are easy to maintain. In other words, she changes the way you live and think about your home - in a positive way. As a bonus, her personality is fabulous - I never thought I would look forward to sifting through piles of junk for four hours at a time! 

The return you will get on your investment in Zhanna's time and talent cannot be overstated.


Leily - Philadelphia, PA

"Zhanna is the clutter whisperer"

Zhanna is the clutter whisperer. She organized a basement full of  junk and toys into a wonderful playroom/den. Thanks to her logical perspective (and some gentle nudging) I was able to get rid of useless things that my husband and I had been storing for ages. She takes time to understand her clients' needs and is kind, knowledgeable and passionate about organizing. Her living lightly perspective has worked its way into my life such that, when shopping, I sometimes find myself thinking "what would Zhanna do?" Her approach gave me incredible insight into how easy and highly functional life can be when you take the time to organize properly. You will be amazed at the results.


Alexis - Havertown, PA

"what she can do in one, four-hour session will Truly astonish you."

I am a working mom with two busy boys and a husband with a very demanding career. I work from home and sometimes it can be a struggle to work effectively when there's so much clutter that accumulates so quickly! I didn't want to do the same inefficient organizing systems for the next 20 years as they clearly weren't working. This is what led me to Living Lightly and hiring Zhanna. I can honestly say that if you choose to work with Zhanna, she will change your life. What she can get done in one, four-hour session will truly astonish you. I feel lighter and energized in my home and for my work.  

What is even more amazing is to watch my boys gravitate to their newly organized play room over their Wii games. When I watched them pull real toys off the shelves, or flip through a carefully organized basket of books Zhanna had helped me organize, I thought to myself this is everything I wanted and more. Hire Zhanna! Watch and be amazed by what she can do for your family! My husband is now hiring her to organize his home office. I think that says it all!


Elizabeth - Philadelphia, PA

"The sanity it brought to now open doors on my clean, well-organized closet is priceless."

Zhanna is outstanding! I live in a small row home that was feeling especially cramped after five years of living here and the addition of one child. With another child on the way very soon, I wanted to simplify, create a bedroom for the two kiddos as well as convert a basement into a playroom and guest bedroom.

Even in the free consultation, Zhanna provided tips I could apply to streamline many of the common living spaces in my house - beyond the areas we planned to focus on in our organizing session. And all the tips worked beautifully! Then she followed up with a customized shopping list - it wasn't cheap, but it did work!!! And still, for much less than the price of even one good piece of furniture. Plus the sanity it broughtto now open doors on my clean, well-organized closet is priceless.

I really feel like I learned from her and have a great approach to understanding how to sort and store my stuff - and what really needs to stay or go. I've hauled away three car loads of stuff in the last month, and I feel much much better. Not only that, but all the hand-me-downs I'd saved for the new baby are now clearly organized by stage and type, ready for use at the right time.

Another key detail - Zhanna is focused, objective, and non-judgmental - and has a positive energy about her that counterbalances any feelings of sheepishness that you, the client disorganized one - might have going in to a project like this.

She is absolutely fantastic!


Michele - Philadelphia, PA

"Even my skeptical school age children have come around..."

Zhanna is engaging, focused, skilled, and professional. She listened to my aspirations for an uncluttered home starting with my home office. With well-organized files and books, and an unbelievably uncluttered desk, I no longer procrastinate. 

We have moved on to other rooms in the house. Even my skeptical school-age children have come around because she has sorted and organized their homework and project materials in a comprehensible, accessible manner.

It is not easy to welcome a stranger into your home but Zhanna’s warmth and cosmopolitanism means her presence does not feel like an intrusion. I had a family emergency during a session. Zhanna responded with caring focus. She helped me organize and pack for my whole family so we could travel internationally in 3 hours. I could not believe my good fortune in having both her professional skills and empathy in that moment. I cannot recommend Zhanna more highly!


Dikla - Philadelphia, PA

"She is the Mary Poppins of Organizing..."

My four year old daughter was invited to a birthday party. Upon entering the house I could only think about how well organized it was (and how messy mine is...). I decided not to be shy and asked the mother of the birthday girl how she does it. Where does she find the time to make her house so organized between kids, work and...LIFE? 

She smiled and said: It's not me, it's Zhanna. 

With a huge smile and tons of energy, Zhanna helped me organize my house in a way that is functional, aesthetic, and most important - easy to maintain! I can honestly say that as we were going through the rooms in my house, the task became fun and satisfying as the rooms were transformed into new, warm, and comfortable spaces.

Zhanna turned my house into a home and I highly recommend her services.


Anna - Philadelphia, PA

"my attic and basement no longer give me anxiety..."

Working with Living Lightly is like working with your very organized friend to sort through all your old junk, and to transform cluttered spaces into areas that don't make you wince just by looking at them. Except what friend of yours actually has the time to sit with you for hours and go through all your stuff? Exactly. That's why you call Living Lightly. My attic and basement no longer give me anxiety looking through them. I know exactly what's up there and where it is. Reorganizing my kitchen has cut down my food shopping bills because it's so much easier now to see exactly what I have. I knew things were in the wrong spot, I just didn't have the flexibility of mind to figure out where they belonged instead. Zhanna at Living Lightly provided a fresh set of eyes to help sort that out. She also gave me the kick in the butt (that a packrat like me needs) to get rid of a lot of junk I was holding on to. Local donations thank you, Living Lightly. And so do I!


Janelle - Philadelphia, PA

"I have worked with another organizer before and I have found Zhanna to be much more efficient and effective."

Zhanna is the best. I have worked with another organizer before, and I have found Zhanna to be much more efficient and effective. I like getting the summary after each session. She outlines what I need to do, things I need to get, and it is manageable for a busy person! Zhanna encourages me to get rid of stuff without being too pushy about it, which is refreshing. Zhanna is a pleasure to work with. I can honestly say that my life has improved since starting to work with her.


Andrew - Philadelphia, PA

"'What would zhanna do' is our new organizing mantra."

Zhanna organized our complicated house (two kids, a housemate, a brother, two animals) and found systems that the many different household members could work with. She broke through many logjams that had accumulated in our house and in our habits. 'What would Zhanna do' is our new organizing mantra.


Laurel - Philadelphia, PA

"My family is now trained in clutter prevention and living lightly."

I was hesitant to hire a professional organizer, but I was intrigued by the other reviews. As it turns out, there was much room for improvement for the organized spaces in my life! Zhanna's insight and talents are impressive: she can sum up the situation instantly and create a workable solution. Together, we went through my closet and made it so practical and accessible, and had fun at the same time! Her techniques are clever and learnable and now my closet has logic and order. We also tackled the kitchen clutter and chaotic entryway, which are now so manageable and maintainable. My family is now trained in clutter prevention and living lightly.


Sallie - Philadelphia, PA

"My whole world feels lighter and I'm finally enjoying my home."

When I was six months pregnant, not a single corner of my apartment felt organized. Drawers and closets were overflowing, piles of papers and to do projects were stashed all over, and even an entire room had been consumed by junk. I did not want to bring my baby home to the chaos that my living space had become, but I had no idea how to do it myself. I knew I needed help.

Working with Zhanna completely changed the way I live. She helped me realize that I was holding onto things for the wrong reasons, and that they were practically suffocating me. My daughter's nursery is now organized, the piles of junk are gone, I have a place for everything and an ongoing plan for how to deal with the influx of stuff in my life. Living lightly is an apt description. My whole world feels lighter and I'm finally really enjoying my home. Thank you, Zhanna!


Melissa - Ardmore, PA

"if she can help me, she can help anyone!"

Zhanna has helped me tremendously to organize my very overstuffed and cluttered home, and if she can help me, she can help anyone! My daughter gave me a four hour session with Zhanna as a birthday present. It has proved to be one of the most perfect and thoughtful gifts I have ever received, and I have scheduled two more sessions so far.  

I was initially ashamed and anxious about revealing the depth of my problem, but her warmth and matter of fact nature put me at ease quickly. We made tangible progress in just one session, and I felt great relief that I could accomplish tasks I had once thought hopeless. She listened carefully to me as I expressed my needs, and gave just the right amount of gentle pressure when I would become lost in indecision. I never felt judged, and she has helped me to unclutter my head and learn a positive and creative methodology. The sense of greater control I now have over both my house and my own tendencies has been invaluable.  


Carolina - Philadelphia, PA

"I'm now more relaxed at home and it takes less time to keep it organized."

I didn’t know what to expect from a professional organizer. Zhanna is full of energy and ideas and won’t let you give up during the organizing process. She creates effortless systems to keep an organized home. The process actually gets you motivated to keep going as you feel a big weight is being lifted from your shoulders as you experience living lightly.

After this experience, I’m more relaxed at home and it takes less time to keep it organized. My 2.5 year old daughter learned how to keep her space organized and put her toys away. Zhanna's ideas with playrooms and kids' stuff are amazing. Thanks to her talent, I’m raising a child that is aware of living in an organized home and is learning a great life skill!! Now our home makes more sense to everyone living here!!


Jennifer - Philadelphia, PA

"i truly looked forward to our sessions."

I knew I needed assistance with organizing our row home, but had no idea how much working with Zhanna would positively impact my family's daily life. During the initial consultation, I was nervous to show her all of the messy areas in our home. But from moment one, Zhanna's objective and non-judgmental approach put me at ease.

The sessions were very helpful in helping me to purge things we no longer needed or used and also in creating accessible space for everything in our home. This makes cooking in our kitchen easy, putting away laundry a breeze, organizing our daughter's clothes simple, and packing (and unpacking) for trips a no-brainer. She works very quickly which made our time together both effective and efficient. She is fun to work with and I truly looked forward to our sessions. We are all grateful for her help in clearing out the clutter! I now feel like I can apply the principles Zhanna uses to approach other parts of our home.


Rebecca - Philadelphia, PA

"Everything has its place and is used"

Zhanna was such a tremendous help to both me and my family. After helping me figure out how to sort through what I needed to keep and what I needed to donate, we organized my closet, kitchen, kids' rooms, living room, and play room; everything from the pots I use the most to my hefty closet and boot collection, to the kids' bookshelves and toys are easily accessible to myself and my children, and clutter free. Really.

Everything has a place and is used-- cleaning up after the day is not cumbersome or anxiety ridden. I recently had a birthday party for my 4 year old and all 10 children were able to play in the play room, self directed, for an hour due to the different "stations" we created (art, reading, kitchen, music, building toys).

My house is a small row home in South Philly -- the rooms are not by any means large but Zhanna was still able to make great use of my space (in all rooms) and helped me utilize what I already had in the house to create a clutter free environment. She also taught me how to do this for myself, simply by putting things back in their proper place and taking toys (and bedding and clothes) to Goodwill once they aren't needed. Thanks! 


Hallie - Philadelphia, PA

"Zhanna put systems into place that truly simplified my home and my life."

I'm a pretty organized person, except when it comes to my home. No matter how often I go through the clutter, within a few days it always seems to magically reappear...until Zhanna! After our third child was born, I just could not take it anymore. I was sick of frantically looking for something in some pile. So I figured I would give Zhanna a try. Wow am I happy I did. It's amazing the difference she was able to make in just a short period of time. Zhanna helped put systems in place that have truly simplified my home and my life. It's helped my kids too! They are better able to play independently as everything is clearly labeled and at their level. Getting in and out the door has been made so much easier. It was a joy working with Zhanna. She was easy to talk with, it felt like we were just hanging out as friends as we also happened to be reorganizing my life!


Anne - Philadelphia, PA

"The results are well worth the effort"

Working with Stephanie from Living Lightly is always a pleasure! She's focused, professional, and supportive. I worked with her for several sessions in my home and was able to tackle stubborn paperwork piles and now have a working file system. I deal with mail when it enters the house and the piles have not returned! For my 3 children, she helped organize and label several years of their school work, art, and keepsakes in a way that's tidy and accessible. We did the same with art supplies and toys so everything is easy to find and clean up. I sometimes found the sessions challenging, but the results are well worth the effort. I would not hesitate to recommend Living Lightly for any organization project or ongoing organization support.